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Appendix A: Literature Search Strategy for "Conflict of Interest
Pages 99-104

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From page 99...
... To supplement previous evidence reviews and to identify additional resources for consideration, the committee conducted a focused literature review guided by the following preliminary questions: 1. How are conflicts of interest managed in guideline development and/or in advisory committees?
From page 100...
... The search was restricted to English language. SCREENING More than 800 unique articles were found, 62 of which met inclusion criteria of describing or managing conflicts of interest in the development of guidelines and advisory committees.
From page 101...
... : Conflicts of interest among FDA advisory committee members. Food and Drug Law Journal 57(2)
From page 102...
... 2013a. Low anonymous voting compliance with the novel policy for managing conflicts of interest implemented in the 9th version of the American College of Chest Physicians antithrombotic guidelines.
From page 103...
... 2014. Revisiting financial conflicts of interest in FDA advisory committees.
From page 104...
... 2014. A proposed approach may help systematic reviews retain needed expertise while minimizing bias from nonfinancial conflicts of interest.

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