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Appendix A: Biographical Sketches of Committee Members and Staff
Pages 213-218

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From page 213...
... , on the discounting of future health benefits, and on the tradeoffs implicit in environmental regulations. Her current research focuses on energy efficiency in India, on the impact of climate change on migration, and on the benefits of collective action in pandemic flu control.
From page 214...
... His research focuses on environmental and resource economics, energy economics, and applied econometrics, and he has published widely on these topics. He is a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research in the Energy and Environmental Economics group, a Humboldt Fellow, and a lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
From page 215...
... Topics include management of long-term environmental issues with important scientific uncertainties, such as global climate change and stratospheric-ozone depletion, evaluation of ancillary benefits and countervailing risks associated with risk-control measures, and characterization of social preferences over health and environmental risks using revealed-preference, stated-preference, and health-utility methods.
From page 216...
... His work has been devoted to integration of the natural and social sciences and policy analysis in application to issues of energy and environment, with a recent focus on the threat of global climate change. He has been director of the Harvard Environmental Systems Program, director of the MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, associate director of the MIT Energy Laboratory, and chair of the MIT faculty.
From page 217...
... His research focuses on long-term modeling of energy systems and climate change drivers, mitigation, and potential risks, as well as the economics of land use and bioenergy as they relate to climate change and energy policy. His work also considers climate change risks and responses, tradeoffs between mitigation and temperature, the marginal costs of climate change, energy-water-land linkages, the role of bioenergy in long-term climate management, the economics of REDD+ and agricultural productivity, and mitigation institutions, investment risks and incentives.
From page 218...
... His current research focuses on analysis of global climate change policy options, energy efficiency analysis, energy technology assessment, and models for strategic planning. He has been a convening lead author or lead author for the several chapters of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

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