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Appendix G: Damages Model-Specific Improvement Opportunities
Pages 259-262

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From page 259...
... The committee views the existing models as providing material that is readily available, pieces of which can be used and updated and combined with other pieces, to create an improved damages module in the near term. DICE If in the near term the IWG decides to continue to use DICE as a source of damage formulations, the following adjustments are suggested: • The quadratic damage formulations for sea level rise and other damages, including their treatment of adaptation, need to be fur ther documented and justified.
From page 260...
... FUND If FUND continues as a source of damage formulations, the committee suggests the following adjustments: • Further justification is needed for the damage formulations for agriculture, heating demand, cooling demand, and mortality, the assumptions underlying adaptation in the different sectors, the regional distribution of damages, and the parametric uncertain ties overall. • The calibration of the individual noncatastrophic impact catego ries in FUND (agriculture, energy demand, coastal infrastruc ture, human health)
From page 261...
... • The damage formulations, parametric uncertainties, and observed model behavior need further documentation and scientific jus tification. Particular focus needs to be given to noneconomic, economic, and discontinuity damages, regional distribution and scaling of damages, adaptation modeling and costs, and paramet ric uncertainties.

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