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... TRB 2016 Annual Report | 27 the studies And Special Programs Divi-sion conducts policy studies at the request of the U.S. Congress, executive branch agencies, states, and other sponsors; produces syntheses of current practices in highway, transit, and airport operations; and manages Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis (IDEA)
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... 28 | TRB 2016 Annual Report ▪ Strengthening the Safety Culture of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Special Report 321 recommends ways for industry and regulators to strengthen and sustain the safety culture of the offshore oil and gas industry.4 The committee that prepared the report addresses conceptual challenges in defining safety culture, empirical support for the definition offered by BSEE, methods for assessing company safety culture, barriers to improving safety culture in the offshore industry, and strategies for overcoming the barriers. The committee's report also identifies topics requiring further research.
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... TRB 2016 Annual Report | 29 ▪ In-Service Performance of W-Beam Guardrail End Treatments, funded by the states through the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) , is developing advice for evaluating the in-service performance of guardrails and other roadside safety hardware.
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... 30 | TRB 2016 Annual Report 1,000 copies of each ACRP and NCHRP report are published in hard copy, with 600 to 700 distributed to state DOTs, airport operators, and TRB topic-area subscribers. Starting in 2014, TCRP has published reports on the TRB website only; ACRP and NCHRP reports are also available on the website.7 TRB maintains an inventory of hard-copy synthesis reports for sale.8 ideA progrAms IDEA programs fund early-stage investigations of potential breakthroughs in transportation technology.
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... TRB 2016 Annual Report | 31 Each IDEA program follows a similar administrative model, adapted for sponsorship arrangements and target audiences. Each program operates through a committee or panel of volunteer transportation experts who solicit, review, and select proposals that merit research contracts.

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