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... TRB 2016 Annual Report | 41 oversight Activities The Executive Office supports the work of the TRB Executive Committee, which provides policy direction to TRB programs and activities in accord with the policies of the National Academies. The Executive Office oversees the implementation of the TRB strategic plan, as approved by the TRB Executive Committee, to pursue the following goals: 1.
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... 42 | TRB 2016 Annual Report tion by Hispanic, African American, and Native American students in the Annual Meeting, TRB committees and activities, and transportation research.1 The program provides expenses for students from 14 eligible institutions to attend the Annual Meeting and present research. Since the program began in 2010, 83 graduate and undergraduate students have participated, with a record number of 26 attending the 2016 Annual Meeting, and 21 selected for 2017.
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... TRB 2016 Annual Report | 43 of transportation professionals, book summaries, and highlights of TRB activities also are included. In 2016, TR News published theme issues on the renaissance in bus transportation, new issues in aviation research, and transportation knowledge management.
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... 44 | TRB 2016 Annual Report ▪ Miscellaneous Reports include special publications. The sixth, completely revised and updated edition of the Highway Capacity Manual, subtitled A Guide for Multimodal Mobility Analysis,8 and the Access Management Application Guidelines9 were released in the last quarter of 2016.
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... TRB 2016 Annual Report | 45 processes. This new system was integrated with MyTRB, a portal that provides technical standing committee leaders with a suite of online tools to manage committees.
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... 46 | TRB 2016 Annual Report Staff News Phyllis D Barber-Gray, Publishing Services Manager, retired in July after 53 years of invaluable contributions to the production and quality of TRB publications.

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