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7 Workshop Themes
Pages 77-80

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From page 77...
... PARTICIPANT PERSPECTIVES ON KEY QUESTIONS Participants had two opportunities to discuss their responses to the primary topics raised at the workshop, and to focus on the perspectives of practitioners. The group representatives reported that individual participants shared the following ideas: Defining Character • Character is not a trait and does not break down into easily mea surable components.
From page 78...
... Evidence of What Works in Developing Character • A few basic structures stood out as especially important: responsive engagement, reflection and critical thinking, awareness and affir mation, and a focus on relationships. • Modeling behaviors is not enough -- it is important to "get kids reflecting on what they do, to help them be intentional about it," according to one participant.
From page 79...
... Continued developments in research are necessary to this, she observed. Jennifer Brown Urban noted that the available workshop time did not allow William Trochim to describe the practical, "how-to" elements of their work, but she encouraged participants to use the paper and project website as resources.2 She also commented that collaboration is challenging for organizations, and that the diversity in out-of-school opportunities is a good thing.
From page 80...
... The workshop enhanced his understanding of the complex issues and particularly r ­ einforced the importance of making cultural diversity and social justice a predominant focus in both research and practice, he noted. The primary goal for character education under any name is to "make the world better ­ for young people," he said, and "the passion for doing better work on behalf of young people through research and practice is a noble purpose."

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