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Appendix A: Workshop Agenda
Pages 85-90

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From page 85...
... F ­ oundation -- Susan Harvey, Education Director •  Setting the stage -- Stephanie Jones •  Ways to use the workshop -- Jennifer Brown Urban 85
From page 86...
... Overview of the Research Larry Nucci, University of California, Berkeley 9:45–10:30 Reflections and Open Discussion • Perspectives from research on personality -- Robert McGrath, Fairleigh Dickinson • Influences on the development of character -- Kristina Schmid Callina, Tufts University • Importance of culture and context -- Carola Suárez-Orozco, University of California, Los Angeles 10:30–10:45 Break SESSION II: WHAT WORKS IN DEVELOPING CHARACTER? Moderators: Lucy Friedman, Catherine Bradshaw 10:45–11:30 Paper 2: Effective Features and Practices that Support ­Character Development Marvin Berkowitz, University of Missouri, St.
From page 87...
... SESSION III: INVESTING IN IMPLEMENTATION AND EVALUATION Moderators: Catherine Bradshaw, Ellen Gannett 2:15–3:15 Paper 3: What You HAVE to Know about Program Implementation Joseph Durlak, Loyola, Chicago Reflections and Open Discussion •  Mike Surbaugh, Boy Scouts of America •  Donald Floyd, National 4-H Council (retired) 3:15–4:15 Paper 4: Advancing Evaluation of Character Building Programs William Trochim, Cornell University, and Jennifer Urban Reflections and Open Discussion •  Mike Surbaugh, Boy Scouts of America •  Donald Floyd, National 4-H Council (retired)
From page 88...
... : INVESTING IN IMPLEMENTATION AND EVALUATION (CONTINUED) Moderators: Jennifer Brown Urban, Ellen Gannett 9:00–9:45 Paper 5: Considerations in Developing a High-Quality Staff Deborah Moroney, American Institute for Research 10:15–10:55 Reflections and Open Discussion •  Developing supportive relationships -- Noelle Hurd, University of Virginia •  Critical role of culture and context -- Rob Jagers, University of Michigan •  Experience with a highly mobile population -- Mary Keller, Military Child Education Coalition 10:55–11:00 Introduction of Second Breakout Activity Jennifer Brown Urban 11:00–11:15 Break 11:15–12:00 Breakout Group Activity Ideas for strengthening implementation of practices, strategies, evaluation 12:15–1:00 Lunch SESSION IV: MEASURING CHARACTER Moderator: Stephanie Jones, Richard Lerner 1:00–1:45 Paper 6 -- Methodological Issues Noel Card, University of Connecticut
From page 89...
... •  Investing in implementation and evaluation Open Discussion 4:00–4:30 Closing Thoughts Moderator: Deborah Vandell Committee members, open discussion 4:30 Adjourn

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