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1 Introduction
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... This loosely defined set of skills and attributes is referred to in this document as "character." Educators and administrators who develop and run programs that seek to develop character recognize that the established approaches for doing so have much in common, and they are eager to learn about promising practices used in other settings, evidence of effectiveness, and ways to measure the effectiveness of their own approaches. The available research has been sparse and often focused only on one kind of character or development, but recent work has helped to identify commonalities in the literature that can advance understanding of how character might be defined and developed and how outcomes might be measured.
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... The charge to the committee -- whose members have expertise in research and practice in character education, including research and program development directly related to character education, program evaluation and measurement, and cognitive and developmental ­ sychology -- is shown in Box 1-1. p The committee recognized that there are many definitions of character and many ways of describing the objectives for programs that aim to help young people develop positive attributes.
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... The committee commissioned eight papers (see Box 1-2) and planned sessions that allowed participants ample time to engage with the authors and one another, and to consider ways the material presented could apply in their own work.2 Structured breakout sessions allowed participants to 2 The workshop agenda, a list of participants, and brief biographical sketches for the com mittee members and presenters can be found in Appendixes A, B, and C
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... The views contained in this document are those of individual workshop participants and do not necessarily represent the views of all workshop participants, the planning committee, or the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. This document follows the structure of the workshop.

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