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... 7 CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW LITERATURE REVIEW Research sponsored by TRB (TCRP) , FTA, and state departments of transportation highlights the complex incident scenarios reflected in transit operating environments across the country each and every day.
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... 8 Research indicated that, in addition to new bus operator training, annual/ongoing refresher safety training is offered by a significant majority of the transit agencies. The topics of the refresher training are most commonly safety policies and procedures, defensive driving, and distracted driving (Staes et al.
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... 9 Lessons learned regarding the various types of training a transit bus operator receives to improve safety and reduce incidents include multiple options. The literature suggests that the training curriculum be prescriptive but not source-specific and that -- to increase retention among operators -- agencies provide training through multiple platforms that accommodate different learning styles (Staes et al.
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... 10 its system, including other changes such as bus stop placement and improvement (FTSN 2015)
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... 11 INCENTIVES AND OTHER SAFETY REWARDS The success of incentive programs may include goal setting, competition, public display of performance, and recognition at special events. The programs typically include not only incentives but also training, feedback, positive reinforcement, behavioral intervention, management support, and accountability.

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