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Appendix F: Biographical Sketches of Planning Committee Members
Pages 69-70

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From page 69...
... She has served as co-chair for the Polar Climate Working Group of the Community Earth System Model, and Chief Scientist for the Community Earth System Model project. She has been a contributing author on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change third, fourth, and fifth assessment reports, contributed to numerous other national and international assessments on the changing Arctic climate, and is an author on more than 80 peer-reviewed publications.
From page 70...
... Susan Solomon is internationally recognized as a leader in atmospheric science, particularly for her insights in explaining the cause of the Antarctic ozone "hole." She and her colleagues have made important contributions to understanding chemistry/climate coupling, including leading research on the irreversibility of global warming linked to anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions, and on the influence of the ozone hole on the climate of the Southern Hemisphere. Her current focus is on issues relating to both atmospheric chemistry and climate change.

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