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... Second, the report provides a synthesis of recent manifestations of continued climate change observed since the publication of the last IPCC report in 2013, including: a new global temperature record set in 2014, which was broken in 2015 and again in 2016 thanks in part to a strong El Niño event; continued decline in Arctic sea ice; and record high globally averaged atmospheric carbon dioxide which has now passed 400 ppm. Third, the draft CSSR includes several significant advancements that have been made in the science of climate change, including the rapid development of the field of extreme event attribution, and new evidence concerning the Antarctic ice sheet that raises and better quantifies the upper bounds of projected sea level rise.
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... Much of this report is intended for a scientific and technically savvy audience, though the Executive Summary is designed to be accessible to a broader audience." • The draft CSSR includes many time series datasets and analyzes trends that have been observed or simulated, however the selected time periods for trend analysis are not presented in a consistent manner. The Committee recommends that the CSSR authors standardize the time periods used for the present and historical baseline, wherever possible, and include significance statements and/or ranges in values where appropriate.

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