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Appendix B: Biographies of Planning Committee and Staff
Pages 109-112

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From page 109...
... He teaches and has written extensively in the fields of environmental law, administrative law, regulation of chemicals and hazardous wastes, international environmental law, risk assessment, and the management of radioactive waste. He chaired the Fernald Citizens Advisory Board at the Department of Energy's (DOE's)
From page 110...
... He has more than 40 years of professional experience with various aspects of the nuclear industry within both the private and public sectors including: radiation safety; medical, research and academic uses; commercial uses; industrial uses; environmental assessment and management; LLW oversight; uranium recovery; decommissioning of reactors and complex material sites; and spent fuel management and performance assessment.
From page 111...
... Dr. Robbins has supported and led projects related to the cleanup of legacy wastes including transuranic waste at Idaho National Laboratory site and Hanford tank waste.

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