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... A-1 APPENDIX A TRANSIT INDUSTRY THIN CLIENT AND ASP USAGE SURVEY FORM This appendix contains the survey form used to collect survey information from transit agencies. The same form was used to document telephone interviews and for distribution through e-mail for return either through e-mail or by facsimile.
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... A-2 Application Service Providers Application Service Providers are commercial ventures that offer a form of outsourcing by hosting applications on servers in their own or a partner's data centers and rent the use of those applications to customers. Users access the applications over dedicated communications lines, the Internet, frame relay links, or some other network.
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... A-3 ASP Thin Client Financial   Customer Relations   Transit Specific Industry: Vehicle Maintenance   Route Planning   Scheduling/Dispatching   Traveler Information (i.e.
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... A-4 ASP Thin Client 14. Were any staff functions eliminated by going to ASP or Thin Client?

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