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... A-1 APPENDIX A NON-TRANSIT FLEET SUPPLY-CHAIN SURVEY This appendix contains the Internet survey form used to collect information on the supply-chain link at non-transit heavyvehicle fleets. This survey was designed to be completed online with survey results collected in a data file for import into a spreadsheet.
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... A-2 TCRP J-9 Supply Chain Survey (All numeric fields require the use of whole numbers only - no dollar symbols, commas, periods, etc.)
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... A-3 5. Maintenance Operations Number of maintenance locations Average spacing (distance in miles)
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... A-4 Vehicle hours (days) lost waiting for parts Yes No Percentage charge or markup on the price of parts Yes No Total parts turnover (total parts used / average parts on hand)
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... A-5 If "other" was selected, please list the selection method here: iii. How ordered?
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... A-6 ranking. Only rank the applicable methods.

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