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Appendix B: Workshop Agenda
Pages 103-106

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... Appendix B Workshop Agenda TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2016 8:30 am ET Welcome David Relman, Forum Chair 8:35 am Building risk communication capacity: Can it be done? John Rainford, The Warning Project 8:45 am Perspectives on achieving successful communications for infectious disease threats Maryn McKenna, Independent Journalist and Author 8:55 am Opening remarks Stefano Bertuzzi, American Society for Microbiology 9:05 am Workshop overview and goals Jeff Duchin, Workshop Chair 103
From page 104...
... 104 COMMUNICATION CAPACITY TO COUNTER INFECTIOUS DISEASE Session I: Laying the Foundation for Effective Communication PART A Doug Storey, Moderator 9:10 am An overview of successful communication capacity Baruch Fischhoff, Carnegie Mellon University Learning from the social/behavioral/decision science field(s) Angie Fagerlin, University of Utah Evidence-based methods and evaluation strategies Gary Kreps, George Mason University 10:45 am Break 11:00 am PART B Baruch Fischhoff, Moderator Drivers of risk perception, effective communication, and behavior change Noel Brewer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Risk perception, responsiveness, and avoidance Rajiv Rimal, George Washington University Sources of information about disease outbreak and community trust: Lessons from Ebola communication in Liberia Monique Turner, George Washington University Advocacy and communication of health risks: Examples from tobacco control Jeff Niederdeppe, Cornell University 12:30 pm Lunch break
From page 105...
... APPENDIX B 105 Session II: Achieving Effective Communication 1:30 pm PART A Jennifer Gardy, Moderator Packaging a story: Traditional versus digital media Dina Maron, Scientific American Responding to misinformation and rumors Heidi Larson, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine 3:00 pm Break 3:15 pm PART B Jennifer Olsen, Moderator Participatory surveillance and social listening Kacey Ernst, University of Arizona Bidirectional communication platforms Nick van Praag, Ground Truth Solutions Building capacity: Training of trainers Damien Chalaud, World Federation of Science Journalists 4:45 pm Highlights and key lessons learned Jeff Duchin, Workshop Chair 5:00 pm Adjournment and reception
From page 106...
... Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 10:15 am Break 10:30 am PART B Rima Khabbaz and Rafael Obregon, Moderators Strengthening risk communication and community engagement in disease outbreak response: A systems perspective Gaya Gamhewage, World Health Organization Erma Manoncourt, M&D Consulting 11:50 am Concluding remarks Lonnie King, Forum Vice Chair 12:00 pm Adjournment

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