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7 Workshop Highlights and Reflections
Pages 93-96

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From page 93...
... "In many ways, what this does is reinforces the criticality of these issues when it comes to building communication capacity," said Obregon. The workshop discussions over 1.5 days allowed participants not only to raise challenges, but also to review lessons and present potential strategies to strengthen communication capacities to counter infectious disease threats.
From page 94...
... . Discussions on the second day focused on the role of data and evidence in informing communication strategies in the field, particularly drawing lessons from the recent Ebola and Zika outbreaks, and a systems perspective in strengthening risk communication for infectious disease threats.
From page 95...
... •  uilding skills among journalists in resource-poor settings can help shape B appropriate response to infectious disease outbreaks. •  ultivating relationships with the media is a critical component of provid C ing accurate information to the public in a timely manner during times of crises and in debunking inaccurate information and rumors.
From page 96...
... Standard operating procedures can be critical, providing tools and guiding actions and responsibilities when an outbreak occurs. As the emergence of infectious diseases and the cost of not doing more to respond to them is on the rise, King concluded his remarks by highlighting the importance of generating and applying science, reflecting on lessons learned, using that information to improve communication techniques and capacity, and coordinating with multiple partners to successfully counter infectious disease threats.

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