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... A-1 A p p e n d i x A Field Data Collection Form
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... A-2 interpreting the Results of Airport Water Monitoring Happy Field Regional Airport Page 1 of 2 Sample Date: Field Staff: Location ID: Location Description: Weather Conditions Current Conditions Antecedent Conditions Precipitation Type Past 24-Hour Rainfall (inches) Air Temperature (°F)
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... Field data Collection Form A-3 Happy Field Regional Airport Page 2 of 2 Sample Date: Field Staff: Location ID: Location Description: Sample Collection Log Sample Time: Constituents (enter "L" for lab analysis, "H" for in-house analysis) : Sample Collection Notes: Stormwater Field Data Record Alkalinity Hardness Conductivity Total Suspended Solids Total Dissolved Solids Biochemical Oxygen Demand Chemical Oxygen Demand Total Organic Carbon Dissolved Copper Dissolved Lead Total NickelTPH - gasoline-range organics Total PAHs Total PCBs Total PFCs Total Dioxins TPH - diesel-range organics Dissolved Zinc Dissolved Nickel Total Mercury Methylmercury Total Silver Dissolved Silver Soluble Reactive Phosphorus Total Phosphorus Dissolved Phosphorus Orthophosphate Total Nitrogen Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen Nitrate plus Nitrite Nitrate Nitrite Ammonia Nitrogen Un-ionized Ammonia Whole Effluent Toxicity Propylene Glycol Ethylene Glycol Acetate E

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