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... 60 chapter six ConClusions Motivation for transit EConoMiC iMpaCt and BEnEfit analysEs • A growing number of transit agencies are now using economic analysis methods to quantify the economic impacts and benefits of funding transit infrastructure investments and operating services. Some studies show the outcomes of transit investment in terms of economic impacts ( jobs and income in the broader economy)
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... 61 • Additional methods that show the value of transit as a source of enhanced labor market access have more recently come into mainstream use and are now also widely accepted. • Methods to show the value of public services are less well defined; however, there is general agreement that it is possible and useful to calculate the avoided costs that would otherwise be incurred by households and/or government to enable work, education, and health care access for those who cannot afford to drive or are unable to drive.
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... 62 dirECtions for futurE aCtion • There is a need for the development of further guidance for transit agencies of all sizes to appropriately apply economic impact methods and communicate their findings. Topics to be covered include: (1)

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