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Appendix A: History of the How People Learn Studies and Their Use
Pages 295-298

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From page 295...
... The goal of that study was to convey the most immediately useful developments in the science of learning to teachers, school officials, parents, and policy makers, and the original volume included a research agenda to guide the Office of Educational Research and Improvement in the U.S. Department of Education in developing program directions and funding priorities (National Research Council, 1999b)
From page 296...
... how symbolic thinking emerges from the culture and community of the learner (National Research Council, 2000)
From page 297...
... Data collected by the National Academies Press on purchases and downloads of HPL I show that volume has been one of the most popular reports from the National Academies. The press commissioned market research in 2008 that included a structured telephone survey to determine how educators, in particular, have used HPL I in their educational settings, what they found to be its most compelling attributes, and potential new additions they believed would be useful in a revision.

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