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1 Introduction
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... To better understand the importance of affordable and accessible housing for older adults and people with disabilities, the barriers to providing this housing, the design principles for making housing accessible for these individuals, and the features of programs and policies that successfully provide affordable and accessible housing that supports community living for older adults and people with disabilities, the Health and 1  The planning committee's role was limited to planning the workshop, and this Proceed ings of a Workshop has been prepared by the workshop rapporteurs as a factual summary of what occurred at the workshop. Statements, recommendations, and opinions expressed are those of individual presenters and participants, and are not necessarily endorsed or verified by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, and they should not be construed as reflecting any group consensus.
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... The forum meets to discuss how to support independence and community living for people with disabilities and older adults. The roundtable promotes health equity and the elimination of health disparities by advancing the visibility and understanding of the inequities in health and health care among racial and ethnic populations; by amplifying research, policy, and community-centered programs; and by catalyzing the emergence of new leaders, partners, and stakeholders.
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... Speaker presentations slides are also available on the workshop website.5 OPENING REMARKS In her introductory comments at the workshop, Teresa Lee, the executive director of the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation, noted that housing is clearly a significant social determinant of health, particularly in the Medicare home health context. "It is one of those issues that is often too big for us to even think straight about," she said, "so I am excited that today we are going to have a chance to delve in and think hard and long about how housing has an effect on health care and what we can do in concrete terms." Lee also pointed out that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to making housing more affordable and accessible, and she predicted that the day's presentations would reflect that by describing what strategies are working well in different parts of the United States.
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... In accordance with the policies of the National Academies, the workshop attendees did not attempt to establish any conclusions or recommendations about needs and future directions, focusing instead on issues identified by the speakers and workshop participants. In addition, the planning committee's role was limited to planning the workshop.

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