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... Final Report – Page 24 Task 4. Interim Report and Panel Meeting After submitting the interim report, the researchers met online with the project panel to answer questions and receive comments on the interim report.
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From page 26...
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From page 27...
... A compa similar st Transpor for admin credentia TWIC, or an identif certain a vetted th rison among eps are take tation Threa istering sec l. This way a TSA secu ication badg gencies suc e requesting Figure 1 the creden n to issue c t Assessme urity threat only eligible rity threat a e or endors h as state m applicants 0.
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... Departm Under th standard mandato incident o are filling System ( (ROSS) s hazards an Incide (NWCG)
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... Final Report – Page 29 Table 5. Vetting and Communication Framework for Worker Credentialing Programs Credential Type Vetting Communication Agency Sub-Agency Credential Name Qualification Issued at Completion Identity Verified Citizenship Verified Biometric Data  Collected Security Threat  Assessment Specific Job  Required to  Obtain?

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