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... 13 increasingly rely on state and federal coordination. Thus, during an IDO, a transportation agency may need to interact with local, state, and federal response partners.
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... 14 more loosely define "traffic generators" as "employment centers, commercial centers, regional or area shopping centers, transportation terminals."105 MTGs can typically be broken into three major groups: public facilities, private facilities or businesses, and public transit or roads. • Public facilities may include government centers, universities, and transportation terminals.
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... 15 owned, when there is reasonable cause to believe the building may present an imminent danger to the public health.113 New Jersey's Health Commissioner may take immediate possession of any facilities needed to respond to a PHE, including roads, public areas, and carriers.114 Missouri's state health official has similar powers, as do its local health authorities, who are all "empowered to close any [ … ] place of public or private assembly when, in [their]
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... 16 now a central element of authorities' efforts to fight influenza.129 In attempting to fight influenza, public health authorities leaned heavily on the strategies used to fight TB, diphtheria, polio, and other infectious diseases of the time. These strategies included promoting personal hygiene,130 quarantining and isolating sick people,131 and using social distancing measures to limit the flow of people through spaces where the contagious diseases spread.132 Unfortunately, these strategies were difficult to effectively implement during the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic, and public health authorities struggled to stop the spread of the outbreak.

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