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Appendix B: Biographical Information for Committee Members
Pages 17-21

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... From 1993 to 1994, he was associate director of space sciences at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and served concurrently as acting chief of the Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics. From 1987 until 1993, he was assistant associate administrator at NASA's Office of Space Science and Applications where he coordinated planning and provided oversight of all scientific research programs.
From page 18...
... He previously served as the sole NASA representative on the Columbia Accident Investigation Board and directed the impact testing that established the definitive physical cause of the accident. He was the the founder of the NASA Astrobiology Institute; conceived the Mars Pathfinder mission with its airbag landing, and was the manager for NASA's highly successful Lunar Prospector Mission.
From page 19...
... and has received numerous awards, including the Presidential Distinguished Executive Rank Award from President William J Clinton, the Presidential Meritorious Executive Rank Award, the Calver Award, the Sedgwick Medal, and the Julius B
From page 20...
... Prior to this, he was the manager of Exploration Programs and led all LaRC space exploration research and development activities supporting the agency's Aerospace Technology, Human Exploration and Development of Space, and Space Science Enterprises. At the Office of Space Science, he served as program manager for the Discovery Program, and at the Space Station Freedom Program operations, he served as special assistant to the deputy director.
From page 21...
... He has worked with all of the NASA planetary protection officers, lending his expertise to the development and definition of planetary protection policy and requirements for outbound and inbound planetary missions; providing advice to international partners on requirements and methods of implementation; contributing to strategic planning and programmatic development; helping to guide NASA efforts in PP-related new technology development; and monitoring PP-related activities of ongoing flight projects. In his 46-year career, Mr.

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