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... B-1 APPENDIX B DETERMINATION OF GEOSYNTHETIC-AGGREGATE INTERFACIAL PROPERTIES USING PULLOUT TEST The interaction between aggregates and the geosynthetic layer is commonly quantified using the pullout test (1)
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... B-2 Figure B-2. Pullout Force versus Geosynthetic Displacement in a Pullout Test Stage 1: Linear without Slipping In Stage 1, the geosynthetic experiences a small amount of displacement under the pullout force.
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... B-4 max 1( )
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... B-5 where G is the shear modulus of the base aggregates, and sβ , δ , A , B , and C are determined by Equations B-11, B-12, B-21, B-22, and B-23, respectively. Stage 3: Critical State In Stage 3, the friction stress on the aggregate/geosynthetic interface reaches the maximum shear stress, and the interface is at a critical state of slipping.

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