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... 9 CHAPTER 3. RESEARCH PLAN The research plan included six components: (a)
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... 10 rest period was imposed to allow the pavement to rebound from the applied loading strains accumulated in the previous test. All loads were applied through a loading plate to the surface of the pavement layer.
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... 11 was a base course that was used in the LST tests at the University of Nevada, Reno, and the other was a limestone base course commonly used in Texas. Both geotextiles and geogrids were placed at three different locations within the samples, and their effects on the anisotropic properties and permanent deformation properties of the base courses were measured.
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... 12 deformation model. When geosynthetics were used in the design of a flexible pavement, these ANN models could be used in place of the current models in the Pavement ME Design software, as indicated schematically in Figure 1.1.

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