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... 1 CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION Introduction Geosynthetics are available in a wide range of forms and materials and are used in many applications.
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... 2 The deliverables of this project included a computer subroutine written for incorporation into the Pavement ME Design software to predict the performance of pavements with geosynthetics. This computer program was named "Composite Geosynthetic–Base Course Model" and was supported by other major deliverables, including testing protocols that produced the geosynthetic property and modified base course property inputs for the Pavement ME Design software that were needed to accurately predict their influence on pavement performance.
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... 3 Figure 1.1. Compatibility of Proposed Program with AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design Traffic Material Properties Climate EICM Pavement Structure Pavement Response (σ, ε)
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... 4 Organization of the Report This report is organized into six chapters:  The first chapter presents the introduction and research approach used in this research project.  The second chapter presents a synthesis of current knowledge of quantification of influence of geosynthetics on pavement performance.

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