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... A prime source of input to the next survey is other reports of direct or indirect relevance to planetary science drafted by National Academies' committees. Relevant reports address the following topics: • Review of the decadal survey process, completed 2015; 77 • CubeSats, completed 2016; 78 • Extended missions, completed 2016; 79 • Review of the Planetary Science Divisions' research and analysis programs, completed 2017; 80 • Large strategic missions, in review, report due late 2017; 81 • Planetary protection policy development process, in progress, report due 2018; • Planetary science midterm assessment, in progress, report due 2018; • Review of sample analysis facilities, being initiated, report due 2018; 82 • Exoplanet exploration strategy, being initiated, report due 2018; • Astrobiology strategy for search for life in the universe, being initiated, report due 2018; and • Planetary protection for Mars moons sample-return missions, requested, report due 2018.
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... Thus, there is a need for community input in how to define the scope (boundaries) of the next planetary science decadal survey and how to interact effectively with adjacent communities while remaining responsive to the institutional needs of the relevant NASA science divisions and their counterparts in other federal agencies.

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