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4 Comparing Large Strategic Missions and Smaller Missions
Pages 60-62

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From page 60...
... In de scribing the impact of the chosen missions the committee should consider dimensions such as: • Scientific productivity, • Impact on the current and future health of the relevant scientific community, and • Contribution to development and demonstration of technology applicable to future missions. In 2012 the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
From page 61...
... • Many large strategic missions address fundamental questions at the frontiers of the space sciences that are of great interest to the broader scientific community, to policy makers, and to the public. • Technology development occurs in large strategic missions, as well as dedicated technology development programs.
From page 62...
... FINDING: Technology development occurs at many levels: large strategic missions, medium-size and even small missions, and separate technology development programs. The limitations of the data across various space science missions are in some cases a result of when these missions were in development.

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