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Appendix A: Acronyms
Pages 141-144

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From page 141...
... Department of Homeland Security DOC U.S. Department of Commerce 141
From page 142...
... Food and Drug Administration FGAN fertilizer grade ammonium nitrate GPS global positioning system HME homemade explosive HMTD hexamethylene triperoxide diamine IATA International Air Transport Association ID identification IED improvised explosive device IME Institute of Makers of Explosives IS icing sugar ISIS Islamic State KSP Known Shipper Program MS member states (of the EU) MSHA Mine Safety and Health Administration MTSA Maritime Transportation Security Act NACD National Association of Chemical Distributors NFPA National Fire Protection Association NG nitroglycerine NPPD Nation Protection and Programs Directorate
From page 143...
... Bomb Data Center USCG U.S. Coast Guard USPS U.S.

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