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Appendix C: History of High-Profile Bombing Attacks
Pages 153-154

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... Appendix C History of High-Profile Bombing Attacks Table on following page.
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... 154 RESTRICTING ACCESS TO EXPLOSIVE PRECURSOR CHEMICALS NOTE: AN: ammonium nitrate, AN/FO: ammonium nitrate / fuel oil, PETN: pentaerythritol tetra­ nitrate, CAN: calcium ammonium nitrate, NM: nitromethane, TATP: triacetone triperoxide, BP: black powder, CHP: concentrated hydrogen peroxide, TNT: trinitrotoluene, MB: micro-balloons, Mil. Exp.: military explosives, u: unknown, NG: nitroglycerine, EGDN: ethylene glycol dinitrate, DDNP: ­ iazodinitrophenol, IS: icing sugar, S/DC: semtex/detcord, MF: mercury fulminate, KPMG: d potassium permanganate / glycerin, Thrm: thermite, ET: exploding target mixture.

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