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... 11 C h a p t e r 2 This chapter summarizes the potential impacts of CVs and AVs in five areas in which there are major transportation externalities: safety, congestion, pollution, land development, and mobility. Resource papers covering each area can be found in the interim report for this research, which is available on the website of the Transportation Research Board.
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... 12 demand for driving and increase VMT (Anderson et al.
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... 13 portation system could be reduced, if not mitigated. This outcome may take many decades, given rates of vehicle turnover, but the long-term impact could be significant.
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... 14 and private-sector fleet owner/operators who would buy and use AVs and CVs. Their choices about what technologies to develop, when to deploy them, and how to use them could lead to (or fail to lead to)
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... 15 Congestion offers a useful illustration of this phenomenon. Each driver that takes to a busy road not only experiences congestion but also adds to the congestion of his or her fellow travelers.

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