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... 8Importance of Strategic Goals Transportation agencies will want to consider how the effects of AV and CV technologies can contribute to broad agency goals. Given the growing public and media interest in AVs and CVs, decision makers can leverage this interest toward prudent support of testing and deployment by aligning policy actions with agency goals -- goals that represent societal interests.
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... 9OUTCOME: To mitigate safety risks through testing, training, and public education: • Enact legislation to legalize AV testing • Enact legislation to stimulate CV or AV testing • Modify driver training standards and curricula • Increase public awareness of benefits and risks OUTCOME: To encourage shared AV use: • Subsidize shared AV use • Implement transit benefits for SAVs • Implement a parking cash-out strategy • Implement location-efficient mortgages • Implement land use policies and parking requirements • Apply road use pricing OUTCOME: To address liability issues that may impact market development: • Implement a no-fault insurance approach • Require motorists to carry more insurance OUTCOME: To enhance safety, congestion, and air quality benefits by influencing market demand: • Subsidize CVs • Invest in CV infrastructure • Grant AVs and CVs priority access to dedicated lanes • Grant signal priority to CVs • Grant parking access to AVs and CVs • Implement new contractual mechanisms with private-sector providers Each overview offers a general assessment of strategy viability by a range of criteria: • Effectiveness: If the strategy is economic, how well does it internalize external costs into decision making by producers and consumers? If the strategy is not economic, how likely is it to achieve its desired policy outcome?

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