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1 Introduction
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... The presentations and discussions at this workshop addressed the role of the manufacturing institutes in increasing advanced manufacturing in the United States, examined selected foreign programs designed to support advanced manufacturing, and reviewed recent assessments of existing institutes. Presenters and participants also shared lessons learned and improvements and additional tasks that could be considered and adopted in the future by the institutes.
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... Moreover, the report points out that this decline extends to advanced technologies that are invented in the United States, but increasingly manufactured elsewhere. Recognizing that technology innovation is closely tied to manufacturing knowledge, the report concludes that the United States cannot remain the world's engine of innovation absent a strong domestic advanced manufacturing sector.
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... This group of leading corporate leaders and university presidents -- chaired by Andrew Liveris, chairman, president, and CEO of Dow Chemical, and Susan Hockfield, then president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology -- released its first set of operational recommendations in 2012 These included calls for a system of manufacturing institutes, after a nationwide outreach and engagement process. 5 AMP was followed by AMP 2.0, a second project and report that included a major outreach and engagement effort to design policies to supplement and support the manufacturing institutes.
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... This funding supports all aspects of institute operation, including technology advancement projects, education and workforce training efforts, and capital equipment. 10 Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office, National Network for Manufacturing Innovation Program Annual Report, Washington, DC: The White House, 2016.
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... FIGURE 1-1 Manufacturing USA institutes and their locations as of May 2017. SOURCE: Manufacturing USA.

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