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4 The Need for Effective Assessment
Pages 17-21

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From page 17...
... Bogue and Shanahan made the case that effective assessment should be the basis for all engineering outreach initiatives. AN ASSESSMENT-BASED FRAMEWORK An assessment-based framework aligns collaboration and outreach practices with typical engineering design and project management practices.
From page 18...
... Bogue and Shanahan illustrated some assessment issues by recounting the outcomes of an outreach program Bogue offered at Pennsylvania State University. A one-week residential engineering camp had the objective of recruiting high school girls into the engineering profession.
From page 19...
... CHALLENGES TO EFFECTIVE OUTREACH Shanahan noted that engineers would never approach a problem the way we often approach outreach. Companies would not begin product development without reviewing relevant technologies, determining customer needs, and establishing product goals and objectives around costs, performance, and safety.
From page 20...
... Time needs to be scheduled for data collection and analysis, with online tools to facilitate these steps. Collaboration in data collection and analysis can ease obstacles to sharing information and provide information that is useful for shaping other initiatives.
From page 21...
... THE NEED FOR LEADERSHIP Research in change management shows that change does not happen without leadership driving it, said Shanahan. "You are the ones who are going to make change happen.

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