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2 An Ecosystem Perspective
Pages 6-8

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... But they influence many other parts of the system, and these other parts can influence undergraduate engineering education. Because the influence of engineering societies is often indirect, NSF has not previously focused directly on their role in undergraduate engineering education, Douglas noted.
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... Professional societies can help establish the norms and expectations that build such expertise. Societies also influence thinking about diversity, including not just the representation and presence of diverse people but the inclusion of diverse perspectives, knowledge of different social identity groups, and considerations of social justice (including power, privilege, and oppression)
From page 8...
... And the traditional dissemination strategy has been to publish in peer-reviewed journals, create websites, and give workshops at meetings such as those of the American Society for Engineering Education. The new funding model supports large integrated efforts such as NSF's REvolutionizing engineering and computer science Departments (RED)

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