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Program Initiatives
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... 22 THE GULF RESEARCH PROGRAM Annual Report 2016
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... THRIVING COMMUNITIES Enable people and communities to successfully prepare for, respond, and adapt to stressors and adverse events • Strengthen the science and practice of resilience through research and capacity-building activities that account for the social, cultural, environmental, and health factors that influence a community's ability to thrive. • Support community-driven and scientific activities that can im prove understanding and mitigation of the drivers and impacts of complex challenges facing coastal regions, especially those at the intersections of societal, environmental, and energy related needs.
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... CAPACITY BUILDING Enhance the ability of researchers, decision makers, and communities to use science to solve challenges at the intersections of human, environmental, and energy systems • Enhance leadership and decision-making capabilities in professions related to offshore oil and gas development, ecosystem and public health protection, and community planning and development through education and training. • Develop the capacity of scientists and institutions to conduct cross-disciplinary scientific syntheses to obtain unique types of insights from research and analyses.

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