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Key Accomplishments in 2016
Pages 6-7

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... Awards totaling $520,000 support their professional develop ment through work on policy issues in federal and state government host offices in the Gulf region. 2 FUNDED 3 Synthesis Grant projects totaling $2.1 million -- two in the Gulf region and one in 5 Alaska -- to advance understanding of the short- and long-term impacts of offshore oil and gas operations INTRODUCED 3 new grant types geared on human communities in coastal regions and related toward new audiences, activities, and focus areas, exposures to environmental contaminants.
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... with the other Gulf of Mexico countries; • supporting the 2016 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Eco system Science Conference; • expanding outreach campaigns through conference attendance and increased stakeholder meetings, targeted identification of audiences for new fund 7 ing opportunities, and increased "e-update" digital subscriptions; and • enhancing communications materials, including INITIATED 3 additional National Academies con- improvements to websites and brochures. sensus studies and 2 National Academies workshops, being led by other National Academies divisions, that will inform future GRP funding opportunities on a range of topics, including: • chemical dispersant use in oil spill response, • coastal zone dynamics along the U.S.

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