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Executive Summary
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... This has caused challenges for key data users that must develop alternative estimates for those counties without official NASS estimates. Those alternative estimates are neither as justifiable nor as transparent as the estimates from sound probability samples or consistent, high-quality, model-based approaches.
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... The panel's recommendations are based largely on presentations and deliberations at its four open meetings, during which it heard from many NASS staff about the agency's surveys, frames, remote sensing indications, auxiliary data sources, the process used to prepare estimates, and work on developing and implementing model-based estimates; staff of other USDA agencies about administrative data, use of NASS estimates, and the potential for use of remote sensing information; representatives of other statistical agencies that have developed and implemented model-based approaches to small-area estimation; and academics with expertise in model development. KEY RECOMMENDATIONS The panel has chosen to present its major recommendations in terms of a vision for NASS in 2025.
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... RECOMMENDATION 2-8: The National Agricultural Statistics Ser vice should adopt the Farm Services Agency's Common Land Unit as its basic spatial unit. RECOMMENDATION 2-9: The National Agricultural Statistics Ser vice should be prepared to maintain alternative geospatial field-level boundaries (e.g., resource land units and precision agriculture mea surements)
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... should keep abreast of emerging data sources; how they are used; and how they might be used to improve county estimates, especially of yield. Based on a careful evaluation, NASS might consider purchasing data.

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