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Appendix B: Routine External Evaluation Protocol
Pages 123-124

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... 1  NASS decides to research the feasibility of the above REEP, a number of questions will If have to be answered before the implementation: •  he procedure for selecting the random sample at Step 1, the number of counties needed, t and the size of the sample selected within each county; •  pecific procedure to amend the current adaptive design for data collection; s •  pecific method of evaluation and diagnostics, including developing formal criteria; s •  stimated additional cost; e • stimated benefits from having the additional sample (beyond the goal of the model e evaluation) ; •  ossibility of evaluation (simulations?
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... Remark 1: For the County Agricultural Production Survey (CAPS) , the current sample design already attempts to sample enough units from every county (the target sample size for each county is 70 for each commodity, with the goal of having 30 positive reports or at least 25% coverage within the county)

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