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... 20 Appendix D Information-Gathering Activities of the Committee In accordance with institutional procedures, committee members witnessed field testing at the Norfolk Southern Corporation rail yard in Conway, Pennsylvania, on May 31–June 1, 2017, to measure the latency times associated with emergency brake application initiation by a radio signal in EOT and DP braking systems. Members witnessed laboratory testing at the New York Air Brake facility in Watertown, New York, on June 13–15, 2017, to measure brake cylinder buildup profiles and brake propagation of ECP, EOT, and DP braking systems.
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...   21  DOT's Analysis and Test Plan to Assess the Effectiveness of ECP Brakes in Reducing the Risks Associated with HHFT Trains, Version 0.9 with notes on status as of August 3, 2017. Materials submitted by Joseph Brosseau [Transportation Technology Center, Inc.

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