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7 Reflections on the Workshop
Pages 73-76

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... CPD FOR KEEPING PACE WITH A CHANGING ENVIRONMENT Lucy Savitz, Intermountain Healthcare Savitz started by acknowledging the major changes that are happening in health care as well as the "velocity of data" that are being promulgated in the worlds of education, clinical care, and research. She said that providers cannot keep pace with this dynamic environment and that highvalue continuing professional development (CPD)
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... CPD FOR TRANSMITTING VALUES AND NORMS ACROSS GENERATIONS AND COHORTS Simon Kitto, University of Ottawa As a sociologist, Kitto said that "all [he] looks at is nonmonetized values in health care and health care education," but that these are often seen as "thin bargaining chips in building a business case." While it is difficult to assign value in economic terms to nonmonetized values, these values are essential to the maintenance and growth of the professional identities of individuals and organizations that, in effect, serve to bind or unbind people to collaborative activities in CPD.
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... She encouraged the forum to "practice what you preach" and build a business case for its workshops. FINAL REMARKS "We too often drive into the future using only our rearview mirror." -- Jody Frost Cervero asked workshop participants to think about the words that Frost used in reflecting on the workshop: "So what, and now what?
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... • Meet the needs of CPD participants by ensuring an environment of psychological safety in which participants feel safe speaking up and taking risks. Cervero thanked the workshop participants for their high-quality discussions and their excellent ideas for next steps.

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