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1 Introduction
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... . Since the release of that report, health literacy has become a vibrant research field that has developed and disseminated a wide range of tools and practices that have helped organizations ranging in size from large health care systems to individual health care providers and pharmacists to engage in health literate discussions with and provide health literate materials for patients and family members.
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... , Laurie Francis, Romana Hasnain-Wynia, Andrew Pleasant, and Earnestine Willis. This publication summarizes the workshop's presentations and discussions, and it highlights the reactions to the proposed framework from a broad range of stakeholders, which will inform preparation of the roadmap for integrating health literacy, cultural competency, and language access services into a revised measurement framework.
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... In addition, the organizing committee's role was limited to planning the workshop. This Proceedings of a Workshop was prepared by workshop rapporteur Joe Alper as a factual summary of what occurred at the workshop.

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