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Appendix: Agendas
Pages 121-124

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From page 121...
... CAPT Benjamin Hawkins, Chief, Office of Design and Engineering Standards, U.S. Coast Guard Lad Falat, Director of Engineering and Research, Office of Hazardous Materials Safety, PHMSA Paul Stancil, Hazardous Materials Investigator, National Transportation Safety Board Appendix Agendas 121
From page 122...
... An overview of operations, challenges, and trends in the emergency preparedness and response community David Willauer, Chair, Transportation Research Board Transportation of Hazardous Materials Subcommittee on Crude Oil Transportation Rick Edinger, Hazmat Committee Vice Chair, International Association of Fire Chiefs Frank Reiner, Chairman of the National TRANSCAER Task Group, TRANSCAER 10:45 a.m. Adjournment
From page 123...
... Overview of midstream energy liquid and gas pipeline operations, control room procedures, emergency preparedness and response by Kinder Morgan staff Gary Buchler, Chief Operating Officer James Holland, Vice President, Technical Services Mark Jensen, Director, Products Movement Elizabeth Oakley, Manager, Control Center Nancy Barton, Director, Natural Gas Compliance/Pipeline Management Ray Miller, Vice President, Pipeline Management
From page 124...
... Demonstration of barge operator training using immersive simulators Stephen Polk, Director, Seamen's Church Institute Center for Maritime Education June 3, 2016 Fort Worth, Texas 11:00 a.m. Overview of railroad operations, control room, inspection technologies, and hazardous materials handling by BNSF Railway staff Ryan Ringelman, General Director, System Safety Frank Moffitt, General Director, Maintenance Planning Sean Hill, Director, Transportation Support Ryan Miller, General Director, Cars Pat Brady, General Director, Hazardous Material

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