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Appendix E: Summary of Data from the Consortium for Undergraduate STEM Success
Pages 195-198

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From page 195...
... CUSTEMS combines student academic data from participating institutions with survey responses from those same students to inform institutions about patterns of student migration into and out of STEM fields. Twenty-four institutions participated in this consortium: 16 HBCUs, 5 private liberal arts colleges, and 3 public research universities.
From page 196...
... Considerable effort, including searching school websites and course catalogues, was required to identify which of the 4,079 courses were, indeed, associated with computer science. Even with carefully reading course descriptions, it was not always clear, since there is considerable overlap between some science and engineering courses and computer science courses.
From page 197...
... SUMMARY OF ANALYSIS The analysis using Grade files for individual students provided the data for all students, of any major, taking computer science classes. This provides finegrained detail for each computer science course.
From page 198...
... We could bring the SAT and ACT scores into concordance, significantly reducing the unknowns for this category. In addition to the admissions, grade, and academic files, there is also an entering student survey (ESS)

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