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... 3 1.1 Background Highway assets play a major role in the transportation of goods and public mobility. Highways are essential to our nation's economic and social growth; however, the condition of the highway infrastructure in the United States is being compromised because of its age and limitations on the funds available for preservation.
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... 4 Consequences of Delayed Maintenance of Highway Assets 1.2 Objective and Scope The objective of this project was to provide a set of procedures to quantify the consequences of delaying maintenance of the highway infrastructure. The proposed procedures describe processes, methods, and analytical tools to quantify the consequences of delaying maintenance for specific highway asset groups (i.e., pavements, bridges, culverts, guardrails, lighting, pavement markings, and signs)
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... Introduction 5 1.4 Organization of this Report NCHRP Research Report 859 is organized into four chapters. This introductory chapter provides background information, presenting the research objectives, scope, and approach, and the organization of the report.

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