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Appendix B: Evidence Review Strategy
Pages 105-108

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From page 105...
... Additionally, for background information and to address the task order objective of providing a general description of the health-care delivery system, the committee searched relevant government and nongovernment research organization websites. The committee's search included papers published in the past 10 years.
From page 106...
... Factors that affect return to work Functional status Gender disparities Health care laws Health care utilizations Hospital utilizations Hospitalizations Length of stay Measures of disability Medicare/Medicaid Predictors of disease severity/Measures to predict severity Predictors of emergency department visits Predictors of hospital readmission Racial disparities Rehabilitation Re-hospitalizations/readmissions Work disability Populations and topics screened out included Adolescents Children Drug treatments Drug trial outcomes Elderly Hospitalizations due to childbirth Hospitalizations for influenza, pneumonia, virus infections, C difficile Infants Not American Patient perceptions of facilities, treatment, doctors/nurses Prenatal hospitalizations
From page 107...
... The new topics and key words included Additional concepts of impairment severity: "Injury Severity Score OR Trauma Severity Indices OR Severity of Illness Index OR Abbreviated Injury Scale OR Simplified Acute Physiology Score OR Patient Acuity OR Risk Adjustment OR APACHE OR Neoplasm Grading OR severity[tiab] OR mortality" Ability to work: "Employment OR work[MAJR]
From page 108...
... World Health Organization (WHO) Staff searched these websites using the following terms: "Health care utilization" "Disability" OR "Disabled Persons" "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" "Delivery of Health Care" "Medical homes" "Patient-Centered Care" "Bundled payments" "Health services" "Social security"

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