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... TCRP A-41: Final Research Report 43 Incorporating Resilience into APTA Standards and Guidance The study team worked with APTA throughout the project to identify ways to integrate the guide into APTA standards and guidance documents, to ensure breadth, depth and longevity for resilience implementation in transit systems throughout the United States and Canada. APTA agreed with the premise that resilience is most effective when integrated into everyday operations and asset management, and into everyday thinking about long-range systems and capital planning, among other agency domains.
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... TCRP A-41: Final Research Report 44 recommended that the A-41 team first focus on the Recommended Practice on Transit Universal Design Guidelines. In November 2016 the APTA staff asked the A-41 project team to review the Universal Design Guidelines and make further recommendations on where and how resilience could be amended into the Guidelines.
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... TCRP A-41: Final Research Report 45 Exhibit A: Resilience Lens Suggested Worksheet for APTA Working Groups What is resilience? The National Research Council defines resilience as the ability to prepare and plan for, absorb, recover from, and more successfully adapt to adverse events.
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... Table 7: E Overarc Practi Safety Asset Managem Sustainab Doma Policy a Administr System Planning Project xamples of hing ce Safe alert impa ent Risk clima Lifechan ility Seek redu alter Enga in nd ation Supp "inco resil Lead regio Plan look chan Faci Transit Age Sample R ty inspectors and report "a cts analysis exp te impacts cycle plannin ge co-benefits, ndancy for nate power ge regional Sample R ort enthusias nvenient trut ience, operat / support age nal resilience rerouting for for patterns f ges or interv litate life-cycl ncy Resilien esilience Le and O&M pe nomalies" & licitly include g addresses support selfcritical syst partners esilience Le m for chang hs" about saf ions. ncy participa efforts.
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... TCRP A-41: Final Research Report 47 Domain Sample Resilience Lens System Example(s) This Guideline or Standard Development through criteria, awards.
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... TCRP A-41: Final Research Report 48 Supporting Processes Sample Resilience Lens System Example(s) This Guideline or Standard O&M clear drains and culverts (floods)

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