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From page 132...
... 132 A P P E N D I X B CONOPS Template CONCEPT OF OPERATIONS FOR AIRPORT NAME ________________________________________ Airport Director Date: ________________________________________ Project Manager Date: ________________________________________ ACC Manager Date:
From page 133...
... CONOPS Template 133 Record of Reviews and Changes Change ID Date Reviewed Date Approved Comment Signature
From page 134...
... 134 Guidance for Planning, Design, and Operations of Airport Communications Centers Concept of Operations TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary 1. Mission Description 2.
From page 135...
... CONOPS Template 135 Executive Summary 1. Mission Description 1.1 Mission Statement A succinct one- to two-paragraph statement which embodies the purpose and function of the ACC.
From page 136...
... 136 Guidance for Planning, Design, and Operations of Airport Communications Centers In this section, the following six components should be addressed: • Current functional components of the ACC • Current organizations, roles, and responsibilities • Current policies, including regulations, procedures, and standards of all entities which may govern activities in the ACC, including the airport, the FAA, and NIMS • Projected ACC performance drivers • Existing communication protocols and standards and intended modifications • Current and projected personnel numbers, skills, and competencies 3. Organizational System Drivers and Constraints 3.1 Outline the Airport Operational Approach Identify the airport's approach to operational management, situational awareness, and other functions being operated from the ACC.
From page 137...
... CONOPS Template 137 5. Operational Scenarios 6.

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