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... 72 As with other aspects of traditional airport business practices, this Guidebook does not go into great detail on construction and activation activities routinely performed by an airport operator. Only those few items critical to the successful implementation of an ACC will be discussed in this section.
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... Construction and Activation Activities 73 deal of inter-related activity between construction and technology, especially where the new center is incorporating new or extended technology components. Section 7 outlines considerations for technology-heavy ACC projects.
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... 74 Guidance for Planning, Design, and Operations of Airport Communications Centers 6.5.2 Activation Activation -- the process of preparing for the new facility's opening day -- is critical in the opening of an ACC. Activation requires many activities and the engagement of airport management, operations, and maintenance staff as the facility moves from construction to operation.
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... Construction and Activation Activities 75 In addition, the ACC CONOPS should be provided, along with an explanation of the document's structure and the document's importance in ensuring that the ACC is successful. 6.7 Warranties ACC contractors should provide all post-installation services and equipment necessary to maintain the installed system equipment and software in an operational state.

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