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NCHRP 2017 Annual Report (2017) / Chapter Skim
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... 8 NCHRP RESEARCH AREAS Topics across the spectrum of highway concerns The subject matter of NCHRP projects extends across the full spectrum of concerns within the highway industry and demonstrates AASHTO's interest in acquiring answers to the many acute problems facing DOT administrators and engineers. Problems submitted as candidates for funding each year are given a unique identification number based on the NCHRP Classification System.
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... 9NCHRP Classification System Exhibit 4. Problem Areas 1 Pavements 2 Economics 3 Operations and Control 4 General Materials 5 Illumination and Visibility 6 Snow and Ice Control 7 Traffic Planning 8 Forecasting 9 Bituminous Materials 10 Specifications, Procedures, and Practices 11 Law 12 Bridges 13 Equipment 14 Maintenance of Way and Structures 15 General Design 16 Roadside Development 17 Safety 18 Concrete Materials 19 Finance 20 Special Projects 21 Testing and Instrumentation 22 Vehicle Barrier Systems 23 Properties 24 Mechanics and Foundations 25 Impact Analysis (Social, Environmental, Economic, Energy)

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